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Experience: Vehicle Access Control

The following are examples of projects we have undertaken:

Clear Zones Initiative

TTR manages the development of the ClearZones concept and network on behalf of the Department for Transport (DfT). This includes the launch of the Clear Zones Trailblazers sites. The Clear Zones approach involves implementing measures such as access control and re-allocation of road space to create traffic-free areas in towns and cities.

Low Emission Zone for London

TTR was one of a number of partners that carried out a major feasibility study for a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in London on behalf of Transport for London, the Association of London Government and the Greater London Assembly. We focused on implementation issues with respect to the LEZ, looking in particular at operational models, enforcement issues, and design and implementation aspects.

Guidance on Vehicular Access Control

As a result of our leading work on access control, we were appointed by DfT to develop guidance for local authorities on vehicle access control and its use and implementation. The guidance is under development through a process that involves detailed case studies of access control schemes in the UK and overseas and consultation with leading stakeholders and actors in the field. It will cover legal issues, the availability and use of appropriate technology, signing, design and layout of access points to support compliance, and the wider social-economic impacts of schemes including public acceptability.

Low Emissions Zones

TTR has worked with the National Society for Clean Air on the development of the Low Emission Zone concept since 1998. The work has involved examining the practical and technical issues concerning LEZ implementation. We have produced an easy to use emissions modelling tool for local authorities for screening LEZ or traffic management measures for potential air quality impacts. We have also provided site specific advice monitored the progress of schemes, and widely promoted the LEZ concept.

Cambridge Home Zone

TTR helped Cambridge City Council to identify the need for the city’s first Home Zone, and its potential scope. We also undertook consultation with stakeholder groups and local residents.


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