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Experience: Transport & Disability

TTR has carried out the following projects:

High quality, low floor bus networks

TTR designed and evaluated the SMART bus network, including a fleet of fully accessible, low floor electric powered buses and real time information in Liverpool and on the Wirral.

Assessing special needs

TTR held a series of focus groups in Sefton, to establish the specific needs of travellers with visual, aural and speech impairments. We also addressed the needs of adults with learning difficulties and children with Downs Syndrome.

Dial-a-ride services audit

TTR undertook a full audit of Bristol City Council’s dial-a-ride services for special needs groups. The study made recommendations for integrating services and expanding service coverage city-wide.

Better access to work

TTR assisted a group of working disabled artists in Bristol by suggesting a flexible and affordable commuter transport service working hand in hand with the local authority and local bus operator.

Information and ticketing

TTR is consulting disabled groups on their specific requirements from Transport Direct.

Accessible coach services

We are currently working for DTLR to assess the viability of a wheelchair lift system to provide access to long distance coach services.

High quality demand responsive transport

TTR led a European consortium to demonstrate new telematics-based systems to provide high quality dial-a-ride services and call-centre booking facilities for both special needs and ‘fully accessible’ services.

Conforming to the Disability Discrimination Act

This study assessed the provision of information and travel centre layouts in West Yorkshire. People with a range of disabilities reviewed the usefulness of travel information media and suggested improvements.

Improving interchange design

TTR conducted on-site audits with visually impaired travellers at bus stations on Merseyside. The study made a range of recommendations for improvements at the interchange.

Taking the strategic view

As part of their overall 20 year strategic review for the West Midlands, TTR conducted focus groups with disabled persons to assess their priorities for future transport investment in the area.

Consulting on road pricing

As part of a European consortium looking at the application of telematics technologies for disabled persons, TTR consulted disabled groups in Bristol and Trondheim on their attitudes towards road user charging.

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