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Experience: Road User Charging and Workplace Parking Levy

The following are examples of projects we have undertaken:

Administration and Enforcement

TTR carried out a major study for the Department for Transport (DfT) on the enforcement and administration of road user charging schemes, including paper based area licensing schemes and electronic congestion charging schemes. This led to detailed recommendations which have been adopted in the latest DfT guidance on these issues. TTR also conducted a study into the operation and enforcement options for a workplace parking levy scheme in Nottingham.

Design Principles

Under commission to DfT, we drew up initial expert guidance for local authorities on designing and implementing road user charging schemes.

Scheme Design and Implementation

In defining an initial scheme for road user charging in Bristol city centre, TTR considered the type of charging scheme to be implemented, its geographic extent, how it could operate, potential costs and revenues, and possible roles for private sector finance. We also assessed the pros and cons of alternative technological solutions. We have carried out a similar contract for two areas within a local shire authority.

Feasibility Studies and Scheme Acceptance

TTR has undertaken initial feasibility studies of charging scheme options including both road user charging and workplace parking levies for several UK cities, including Belfast and other towns in Northern Ireland. We have also consulted with employers in Nottingham on their anticipated behaviour, should a workplace parking levy be introduced in the city.

Equity Issues

We were commissioned by Fife Council to undertake a study of equity issues relating to the road user charging proposals being developed by the City of Edinburgh, and their impact on Fife. Our report included advice regarding the institutional arrangements required to ensure that Fife residents benefit from an equitable distribution of costs, benefits and revenues.

Scheme Evaluation

TTR is working with Bristol City Council to implement and evaluate a congestion charging scheme as part of the EC’s PRoGRESS project.

We are also leading the European funded CUPID project. CUPID acts as an expert forum and dissemination network for road user charging issues. The project has developed an evaluation framework for the PRoGRESS road user charging demonstration projects in 8 European cities. Website:


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