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Experience: Intelligent Transport Systems

TTR has carried out the following projects:

National Strategy Research

TTR has undertaken several research contracts for the UK Highways Agency:

User Needs Analysis

TTR is a member of the OMNIPURSE project team which is developing more standardised and interoperable products to suit the transport market. TTR has worked closely with ITS industry participants to identify and meet the needs of key users such as local authorities, public transport operators and car park operators.

System Specification

TTR played a key role in the planning and installation of a real time information system for the inaugural Showcase quality bus route in the West Midlands. TTR also played a leading role in the prestigious ELGAR project which aimed to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in Bristol through urban ITS based measures. We developed functional specifications for the scheme and evaluated system impacts.

Integration of ITS into Transport Strategies

TTR was a member of the Multi-Modal Study team, which drew up future strategy options for the West Midlands Area. TTR was responsible for assessing the potential for ITS solutions within the study area. We are also carrying out an integrated evaluation of the telematics in Bristol as part of the European VIVALDI project.

Demand Responsive Transport

TTR was responsible for the evaluation and project management of the EC funded SAMPLUS and SAMPO projects. These involved demonstrations of ITS-based demand-responsive public transport services in five European countries. TTR also undertook the feasibility studies in West Sussex and Surrey, which led to the implementation of a pilot system in both counties.

Socio-Economic Evaluation

TTR completed a socio-economic evaluation of the ROMANSE II project for Hampshire County Council. This covered an evaluation of the implementation and integration of a number of ITS technologies, including traveller information systems and the use of VMS for re-routing traffic.

ITS Networking

TTR co-ordinates the INFORM network of public and private transport organisations and companies. The network acts as a forum for the exchange of ITS expertise and knowledge relating to public transport.

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