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Experience: European Transport Research

TTR has carried out the following projects:


TTR presented the VIVALDI bid for a large clean urban transport demonstrator for the 2001 CIVITAS programme on behalf of Bristol, Bremen and Kaunas City Councils. The bid was ranked the highest in Europe and won 10 million euros for the consortium.


TTR is working with the Welsh Assembly to demonstrate a range of measures for providing integrated transport services in low density rural areas across the EU and Eastern Europe as part of the ARTS project.


This important project for the EC Employment and Social Affairs Directorate will assess the impacts of transport policy on measures to combat social exclusion.


The largest initiative on travel awareness in Europe, this project aims to develop more effective communications programmes to promote sustainable transport policies.


TTR is assisting Bristol City Council with the design and implementation of its demonstration as part of the PRoGRESS project (8 European cities demonstrating urban transport pricing measures).


TTR is currently leading the CUPID thematic network, an expert forum for road user charging issues and network for disseminating best practice.


TTR is co-ordinating a project in the EC ‘City of Tomorrow’ programme to demonstrate the concept of a personal rapid transit system in Cardiff and 3 other cities.


This project developed a step-by-step assessment methodology for evaluating transport research projects at all levels (national, local and European).


This was the largest transport demonstration project in the EC's THERMIE Programme. The project considered the implementation and evaluation of integrated public transport, traffic management and land use measures, and innovative vehicle technology in 7 European cities.


SAMPLUS developed telematics-based vehicle allocation systems for demand responsive transport. TTR acted as Project Co-ordinator, as well as Evaluation Co-ordinator.

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