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Experience: Public & Stakeholder Consultation

The following are examples of projects we have undertaken:

Strategic Consultation

  • TTR consulted with key stakeholder organisations including DfT, the Strategic Rail Authority, Railtrack/Network Rail, the Rail Passengers Council and ATOC to develop a framework for measuring the views, attitudes and perceptions of regular, infrequent and non users of rail services and recommend future rail policy measures.
  • TTR assisted with the consultation element of Centro’s 2003 LTP, which included presenting the results of completed and new consultation data and providing guidance to ensure that the needs of potentially under-represented social groups were addressed.
  • TTR led the consultation phases of the West Midlands Multi-Modal Study and the structure plan consultation for Norfolk County Council.

Socially Excluded Groups

As part of the Merseyside Alt Valley Partnership project, the Centro 20 Year Strategy and the Birmingham City Council ‘Visions’ initiative, TTR consulted widely among socially excluded individuals and their representative organisations. We have also consulted amongst a range of organisations on improvements to the provision of transport services and schemes for job seekers in the West Midlands.

Rural Residents

TTR undertook comprehensive research into rural transport needs in 20 rural parishes in Dorset, using focus groups, household surveys and interviews with the major stakeholders involved in the procurement and provision of rural transport services.

Employers, Staff and Trade Unions

  • TTR has carried out consultation in developing green travel plans for a range of private and public sector organisations, including large business parks, commercial businesses, educational institutes, local authorities, charities, the Car Free Cities Network and the European Commission.
  • We have also consulted with employers in Nottingham about their views on the possible impacts of a workplace parking levy and with employers, employees and jobseekers in Cornwall to examine the actual and perceived travel barriers to employment opportunities.

Young People

  • TTR has conducted focus groups in Merseyside to assess the attitudes of young people to public transport and the views of schoolchildren on a school travel pack.
  • We have carried out a survey in Torbay to assess the role that transport plays in the decision of 16-18 year olds whether to continue education

Local Residents

TTR managed 3 innovative consultation programmes (using ‘design’ questionnaires and hall events) in rural Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire to enable local residents to express their views on local traffic problems and solutions.

Travel Information

  • We undertook qualitative research for Transport Direct to determine the needs of travellers and to evaluate the possibility of introducing a fee for the service.
  • TTR conducted consultation amongst users and non-users of the traveline service (the national public transport telephone information hotline) to assess some of the issues affecting its future delivery.

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