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Experience: Travel Awareness

TTR has carried out the following projects:

Best Practice - National Campaigns

TTR has been at the forefront of consultancy work on travel awareness issues. When DETR established its travel awareness unit, TTR was commissioned to review best practice in co-ordinated national campaigns in the UK and across Europe, and to recommend structures for national campaign management.

Best European Practice - local transport schemes

TTR was involved in the first European Commission transport initiative on travel awareness and marketing, CAMPARIE. This initiative reviewed and recommended best practice in local transport marketing actions such as new public transport schemes, traffic calming, safer routes to school and so on. TTR has a database of over 100 campaign actions.

Best European Practice - improving the environment

As part of a €3.7 million project (TAPESTRY), TTR is managing demonstrations of travel awareness schemes in 12 countries. Schemes cover campaigns to encourage multi-modal transport use, to change the attitude of citizens towards cars and to address wider health and environment issues. This project is being actively supported by DTLR.

Best practice - local ‘Travelwise’ centres

TTR used focus groups and a web-based questionnaire to assess customer perceptions of the services and information provided by the Nottingham Travelwise Centre (the UK’s ‘first mobility centre’), and to consider future enhancements. We also undertook a scooping study for a similar centre to serve the travel needs of residents (and tourists) in Leicestershire.

Best practice-‘site-based’ awareness raising

TTR has developed green travel plans for a considerable range of private and public sector organisations. These include several large business parks, commercial companies including BMW Group Plant Oxford and Boots, and educational and health establishments.

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