17 June 2021

VIVALDI brings clean urban transport measures to Bristol

TTR will be assisting Bristol City Council to implement a range of clean urban transport measures over the next four years as part of the VIVALDI project.

The project, funded under the EC’s CIVITAS programme, focuses on the introduction of clean vehicles in the city, e.g. 40 retro fit buses with particulate traps and up to 4 clean fuelled (possibly hybrid) buses, as well as the further development of the city’s central area Clear Zone, which is expected to incorporate additional access controls and bus priority and enforcement systems. An innovative scheme which will see the suppliers collaborating to deliver goods to the city centre, possibly using clean fuelled vehicles also features in the project.

As well as providing project management support, TTR will lead the local evaluation work and act as the evaluation manager for the project. The company will also provide technical advice to support the implementation of the new technologies.

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For further information, please contact:

Guy Hitchcock at TTR

0117 907 6521

email: [email protected]

Bristol City Council

email: [email protected]