23 April 2021

Finding solutions to transport problems in rural areas

TTR has been assisting parishes across the East of England to apply for funding from the Parish Transport Grant to develop local, small-scale initiatives to meet their transport needs

Under a project funded by the Countryside Agency, TTR worked closely with 10 parishes to identify their unmet transport needs, consider appropriate measures to meet those needs, and produce realistic grant applications. The maximum grant available per parish is £10,000 with the grant funding up to 75% of project costs, whether capital or revenue.

A range of techniques were used to identify the unmet needs; these included questionnaire surveys sent to households and individual residents of a parish, as well as focus groups which explored the needs of specific groups, such as the young and the elderly.

Possible solutions for increasing the mobility of rural communities include the introduction of taxi voucher schemes, diverting current bus services, establishing car sharing and minibus schemes, as well as improving publicity about existing public transport. Parish residents played a vital role in influencing the choice of scheme(s) for each parish.

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For further information, please contact:

Clare Greensmith

Tel: 0115 941 1141

Email: [email protected]