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Expertise: Market & Social Research

Transport policy development and planning depends on an accurate assessment of the behaviour, perceptions, opinions and preferences of people.

TTR has extensive experience of carrying out market and social research, and uses a wide range of survey techniques and data analysis methods. We can conduct survey fieldwork anywhere in the UK. Our comprehensive service package includes:

TTR has quality procedures for the conduct of market research which incorporate the Market Research Society codes of conduct.


These are applied where there is a need to understand the motivations, attitudes and decision processes which underlie travel behaviour and attitudes. Techniques used by TTR include:


Quantitative research is used to measure, in a statistical sense, the travel attitudes and behaviour of people; to examine both the relative size and structure of market segments and to monitor trends or changes. Methods used by TTR include:

For examples of market research work undertaken by TTR, please click on Experience: Market & Social Research

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