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Expertise: Travel Awareness

Well designed and well targeted transport information, publicity and communications programmes can encourage changes in people’s attitudes to transport and affect their personal travel behaviour. They can also do much to support local authorities implementing Local Transport Plans or transport operators creating awareness of new travel opportunities.

Best practice initiatives require a co-ordinated multi-agency approach, based on new forms of partnerships involving transport agencies and those concerned with health, the environment, education and so on. It is also important to ensure that local campaigns are co-ordinated with national messages.

TTR combines its expertise on travel awareness with a strong competence in market research. We have a thorough understanding and experience of the 5-step approach to marketing: awareness, acceptance, attitude, assimilation and adoption. A range of techniques and methods are used to identify characteristic groups of attitudes towards transport in the population in order to design appropriate and effective campaign strategies and messages.

TTR is applying its European state of the art knowledge of travel awareness to the needs of local authorities in the UK. Recent projects have addressed children’s travel, green transport initiatives, air pollution and congestion charging.

For examples of travel awarenesswork undertaken by TTR, please click on Experience: Travel Awareness

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