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TTR produce many reports for a variety of clients. Some of these reports are in the public domain and are a good source to demonstrate our work and ability. If you wish to view any of the reports on this page - please click the report title to view or download the documents.

TTR Project Produced Reports (in the public domain)


  • Integrated urban transport plans and cohesion policy 

TTR co authored the report for European Parliament (Report) (March 2013)

  • Freight Consolidation Centre Study (04.01.11)

TTR, in association with TRL were commissioned by the Department for Transport to investigate the costs and benefits that may be realised by the use of urban freight consolidation centres.Executive Summary / Report

  • The Impacts of Leisure Travel

Prepared for Natural England, Report (October 2008)

  • HST Impact Study

(Executive Summary Report)  (May 2008) 

  • Tackling the abuse of off-street parking spaces for disabled people in Scotland

 (Report) (Findings) (September 2007)  


Promoting Reproducible Actions in the Communities To Improve Sustainable Energy - IEE Programme (Intelligent Energy for Europe)  (Report)

  • QDDS Project

The Quiet Deliveries Demonstration Scheme (QDDS), developed by the consortium comprising the Department for Transport (DfT), the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and the Noise Abatement Society (NAS), has supported six quiet delivery demonstration trials at retail premises across England during 2010, to illustrate the potential benefits from curfew relaxations for quiet deliveries, whilst still protecting local residents from excess noise. To view reports produced for QDDS - Please click here.


  • STEPs Project

STEPs was a project being carried out as part of the European Union Sixth Research Framework Programme, under its 'Sustainable Surface Transport' priority. Within this programme the purpose of STEPs, was to "strengthen the scientific and technological bases of industry and promote research activities in support of other EU policies" July 2006. To view reports produced for STEPs - Please click here.


  • Urban Transport Benchmarking

Prepared for the European Commission's DG for Transport and Energy (DGTREN) July 2006  Urban Transport Benchmarking Initiative Final Report


  • CATCH Project

CATCH was a demonstration project in the European Commission's Life-Environment Programme. It supported the EC's Sixth Environmental Action Programme by promoting sustainable mobility in order to improve air quality. CATCH was implemented in Liverpool (UK), Suceava (Romania) and Potenza (Italy). April 2006. To view reports produced for CATCH - Please click here. 


  • Plume

Prepared for the European Commission research programme FP5 'City of Tomorrow & Cultural Heritage' September 2005 PLUME Final Report


  • Making Campaigns for Smarter Choices Work!

Guidance for Local Authorites - Jul 2005   Main Report, Annex   



MAPLE - Improving mobility and access for people with learning disability and cognitive Impairments. Prepared on behalf of European Commission's DG for Employment and Social Affairs. February 2003 Maple (cover), Maple Brochure


  • DPTAC - Making private hire vehicles more accessible for disabled people

Guidelines document prepared for the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee. 2003. Private Hire (cover), Private Hire Brochure


  • Impact of sustainable Transport Policies on the travel behaviour of shoppers

Produced for a project under the DTLR's New Horizons programme. 2002. Summary, Final Report


NON TTR Produced Reports